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Finishing School

Finishing School


With the sole objective of producing industry ready engineering students, KMEC follows the successful KMIT’s comprehensive Finishing School program for its Final year students. It is our belief that this program will go a long way in bridging the industry-academia gap. The Finishing School is run concurrently with the B.E. course, unlike other Finishing schools which are offered after the completion of B.Tech.


The Finishing School program consists of two semesters. The first semester of the Finishing School runs concurrently with the third year second semester of OU while the second semester runs concurrently with the fourth year, first semester. A student has the choice to opt for various tracks offered.


  • Foundation Track: C, C++, Core and Advanced Java, RDBMS, OS fundamentals.
  • Aptitude Skills: Quantitative Techniques, Verbal Ability, Reasoning, Puzzles, General Knowledge, Group Discussion: General Interest, Creative topics, Education, Social Topics etc., ELearning: Video Sessions are available online, enabling concept revision..
  • Soft Skills: Resume Writing, Interview Preparation, Business Dressing, Personality Development, Time Management, and others (per industry requirement)

KMEC does not charge any fees for Finishing School training for Placements. It is free to the students.


KMEC uses an in-house developed Learning Management System, Tessellator, to:

  • monitor and track attendance
  • conduct classes
  • give and evaluate assignments
  • have Students compile and execute programmes
  • conduct and evaluate tests
  • assess student performance

Tessellator is extensively used in the Finishing school sessions to significantly improve the programming skills of the students.